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  • Enter your Contact, Shipping and Payment Information Correctly 

At the bottom of the page you will find our - Notes or Instructions box          
Please enter your Personalised Request in this box 
1. You MUST let us know if you would like a crown or rose above the name 
2. Name or Slogan 
3. Colour thread for embroidery 

You MUST include the correct punctuation Capital Letters, Full Stops, Spaces etc.  Always double check your spelling and punctuation before making payment

If you would like your Name across 2-3 lines you must let us know e.g. Mrs Love To Be 
Line 1: Mrs 
Line 2: Love 
Line 3: To Be 

Personalised orders take between 2-4 weeks from the date we receive your personalised information 
This is due to each name being individually created using special software before embroidering

All of our products are embroidered using the finest quality threads and safe to wash using a regular washing machine


There will be similar products to ours that you will find online that look almost identical. We would like to make it clear that we DO  NOT print on items as this will eventually start to wear away when washing.  We embroider our items using the highest quality threads and high-tech software and machinery.  WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON QUALITY

If you have any queries please use the 'CONTACT' Page on the website


If you do not inform us of what colour thread you would like us to use on your item we will choose the most popular colour thread used for that item. 

If you do not inform us that you would like a Rose or a Crown added then we will not be able to add this without your consent.

We can embroider items using different style fonts.  If you would like us to use different font to our usual script then you must let us know otherwise we will use script.

Please Note: If you order via the website this will be a lot quicker than ordering via email

Thank you